REO Management

Reo Management is an integrated suite of services, all centrally managed by our proprietary state-of-the-art work flow management system.

Reo Management services include:

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Occupancy, presale, bugs, hazardous material, compliance and specialty inspections.[/box]

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Re-key, lock-out, Cash for key, sboard-up, trash-out, winterization and other services, as required.[/box]

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Lawn and yard, janitorial, pool maintenance, HOA and code compliance, miscellaneous services.[/box]

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Relationship management, consolidated billing, flat billing, agent and attorney reimbursements.[/box]

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Health & safety, security, lawn and landscaping, habitability, building codes, vacant property registration.[/box]

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Appliance replacement and installation, mechanical and HVAC, plumbing, electrical, structural work, interior and exterior cosmetic improvements, landscaping, Lead Certified, HAZ Mat Removal, exterior lighting and outbuilding repairs.[/box]

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Property Management:

APS protects and preserves our client’s collateral throughout the foreclosure process or sale of the property.[/box]

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Brokerage Service:

Full Service brokerage that specializes in BPO’s, Appraisals, and selling Reo properties via auctions, on-line and with traditional methods.[/box]

With Reo Management, APS has leveraged its vendor network to bring our customers a comprehensive, high-quality, cost effective and transparent solution for managing all aspects of servicing their Reo portfolio.