Home Sales

As current and future home owners watch the real estate market in California we see a positive trend. According to this article on CBS.com http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2013/09/13/calif-home-sales-climb-in-august-prices-cool/ home sales in August are the highest August sales since 2006.

Sellers looking to capitalize on the growing demand for properties know that to get the most for your house you must stand out, you must offer something more than the house down the street. Offering more does not have involve a large remodeling project or expensive undertakings. A few touch ups in the right places can do the trick.

Detach yourself from your home and view at simply as a property. I know your child’s room may contain markings on the wall as they grew up and those memories are important. Take some photos of that wall and consider painting it and the rest of the house to give it a fresh appeal.Knowing that your porcelain tub has a few scratched, rust spots or maybe even minor cracks you may want to re-glaze it. During the re-glazing process the crew will caulk and minor leaks which if left untouched will most defiantly be noticed by the home inspector later. As a fairly in expensive service this kind of attention to detail will appeal to your buyers and present them with a sense of comfort about the way you have cared for this home.


Good Luck and Happy Selling $$$