Door Knobs

Door knobs:

Have you ever had this happen to you: you are visiting a friend and you ask to use the restroom, they point you in the right direction, you arrive at your destination and find that the door is stuck and the knob is loose?

You call out for your friend and ask them what to do and they say “just jiggle it back and forth it gets stuck sometimes”.

Now imagine you have just entered a property for sale and you run into the same situation, what is your impression of the home? Most likely the following thoughts come to mind: the house is flimsy, the owners don’t take good care of the home, or worse what if I get stuck inside the room with the jiggly, wiggly, sticky door knob.

loose door knob

All of these experiences are presented to make one point:  IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS.


Prior to placing your property on the market you should walk through your home as a potential buyer would and examine everything in detail right down to the door knobs. When considering what type of door knob is best, take the following approach: are your doors high end and custom sizes, made of solid wood or other material, then the door knobs should feel solid, strong and visually accentuate and compliment the look and feel of the door. high end door knobs


Are your doors standard, then a simple yet solid door knob, installed correctly is best.standard door set

Bottom line,  the more solid, clean and neat your home shows the better your potential buyers impression will be.

You don’t need to spend a lot to make a good first impression ( unless your home  is worth  $5 million dollars – then perhaps $35 door knobs may not make the grade :), but you do need to be detailed.


Good Luck and Happy Selling $$

Here is a step by step video from essortment on how to repair a loose doorknob:

repair guy