Pantry and Closets

Pantry and Closet Organization

It’s always a good idea to keep your closets and pantry neat and organized, you never know when a guest may open that closet or go to your pantry to grab a quick snack. This is especially important for potential buyers viewing your home.

Start by organizing and labeling your pantry. If you have a walk-in pantry try not to crowd the shelves, leave space and label the jars. In a smaller cabinet like pantry it may be difficult to organize things and keep them visible, consider installing drawers. A drawer can be pulled out and all the items can be labeled and found easily. This small detail can make a big difference to someone looking to buy your place, especially if they are in the market for a smaller condominium and have mostly seen one of the kitchen cabinets used as a pantry and everything is a mess.


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Opening the fridge is a pretty natural occurrence during an open house or a viewing. Remember to keep the fridge like the pantry, not over filled. Place a few boxes of baking soda to eliminate the odors.


Thinking that no one will look inside your closet is a mistake some people make, remember that if you were buying this property you would want to see how your clothes and linens will fit here. One way to make a closet look larger and more appealing is to organize and color coordinate it. One suggestion would be to place all of your long suits and gowns together; all of your slacks together, all of your shirts and blouses. If you do not want to build shelves in your closet consider purchasing a few of the hanging closet organizers, some plastic pull-out drawer cabinets and an inexpensive shoe rack.


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A clean and neat home always shows better and leaves a positive impression.

Good Luck and Happy Selling $$