Giving your Place more Space

Anytime you walk into a room with high ceilings you feel like you are in spacious place full of possibilities.

Even a small condominium has a chance to create that feeling by taking the right steps.

Step 1 Paint your ceilings a semi-gloss color to reflect light. Light reflection creates more light and therefore creates the illusion of more space.

Step 2 Choose a light color for your semi-gloss paint. The lighter the color the more light it will reflect, you don’t have to choose white after all it should match the rest of your décor.

Steps 3 Hang your curtain rod at the very top of the wall and have the drapes come down to the floor. This step will accomplish the following: make your walls look taller; add height to your ceilings and make your windows look larger (increasing the perception of more light).

These steps combined with a neat and clean home are sure to increase the buyer’s attraction for you home.

IMG_0003 shiny-ceiling-1